Passion, Challenge, and Customer Achieved Satisfactory

Since Dooha corporation has made its first step in 1984, Dooha has constantly made an effort to realize
the customer`s satisfaction with creative passion and braved challenging spirits ; sustainable expansion of production
capacity and focused on strengthening technology and marketing network at home and abroad.

Revolutionary Change led and New DOOHA

From there, we have set up an all-covering system conforming to the global standards
the leadership of innovative change and the newly - changed Dooha corporation.
We are trying to be close to our customers as a newly-changed Dooha by responding

Through the future-oriented R&D realization Customer Value

We would promise to be your partner collaborators by contributing to realizing customer`s value
through providing the diversified solution which is needed by customers; the realization of customer`s value
through the future-oriented R&D and eco-ecvironmental specified materials and
the technology development for the embodiment of aesthetic natural image

We always wish your happiness and success, and we would appreciate your constant support and trust.