Management in Human being center

It considers seriously the human resource. Respects the human being it manages.

Challenge in future

Always value realization of best. Hazard it is cut and with character and the challenge psychiatry the knowledge Which is accumulated it is new it challenges.

Responsibility in management

It is complete in basic, and principle it has it gives all a success In the customer as the enterprise always the win-win manage-Ment which pursues a development aim.

Improvements practice

Master spirit with charcater always with improvements of the staffs steadily our company which accmplishes a development.

brand introduction

The compound of KODECORIA SHEET KOREA + DECORATION Deco sheet as Korea's
representative Towards the goal and the pain seems to be confident about
the quality of decor that represents an innovative space to duha Ltd.
The nose is the name of the sheet first thought is always on your side and
always listened to what customers say new Ropgo trendy sense is the first