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dooha cunstruction industry Since its founding in 1984 for 15 years, building materials (reinforced and pyeongcheol) manufacturer steady ㈜ duha construction division was evolved quality control of the construction site and material savings Domestic construction industry is required to meet the needs of the contemporary automatic processing system reinforced Rebar and wire assembly system equipped factory specialized in processing and unremitting efforts aimed at Research and development, are promoting investment.

· Establishment - April 1984
· Employee - 84 People
· Address - Incheon, South East Industrial Complex 672-8 Gojan 93B 9L Tel : 032)811-9466
gu, Daejeon 3 munpyeongdong industry only 49-2 Tel : 042)935-9366
· Main product - PVC, reinforced processing, concrete

dooha yoko mori System, reinforced concrete stairs stairway steel reinforcement required, die assembly Without the complicated process of concreting such as production lines in the factory and in the field is simple Applies to (install), simply to streamline and simplify the work of constructability and economics and One realizes the safety aspects of the VE reinforced concrete, steel-reinforced concrete to apply under Reinforced concrete stairs stairway system to replace the existing system with stairs

· Establishment - January 2002
· Employee - 26 people
· Address - Jincheon Chungbuk jincheoneup sangsinri 324 Tel : 1588-9301
3 gu Daejeon munpyeongdong industry only 49-2 Tel : 042)935-9366

Incheon, South East Industrial Complex 672-8 Gojan 93B 9L Tel : 032-811-9466

· Main product - Rebar processing, concrete

dooha business calendar March 2007 to 10,002, Chungbuk Jincheon take - a full-scale expansion of the calendar division Molding, Stationery, packaging, etc. with transparent rigid sheets for chemicals, cooling tower, POT, etc. Hard for Sheets, decorative sheets to produce fabrics.

· Production -

June 1, 2007

· Type -

26 inch × 72 inch  PVC SHEET CALENDER

· Address -

Chungbuk Jincheon jincheoneup sangsinri 324

Tel : 1588-9301      FAX : 043)532-8858