Certificate of Analysis

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ISO 9001 Certification

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BIZ Certification

Heavy Metal
<Lead/cadmium/mercury/Hexavalent Chromium>
mg / kg Non-detection -
Elongation Width % 240 Use : ASTM D638
height 210
Tensile strength width kgf/cm 414
Height 456
Load the nose Wdith kgf/cm 106 Use : ASTM D1004
Height 113
Dimensional stability Height % -1.3 250 x 250, 80`C x 30min
Formaldehyde mg/m²h 0.005 Under By: 7days after the emissions 0.123m/m²h or less 
TVOCs 0.323 By: 7days after the emissions 0.4m/m²h or less 
Facilitate the exterior weathering - No more than No discoloration and wrinkles Jim phenomenon
Abrasive Num 12 -
Water resistance - No more than -
Resistance g No more than -
Dissecting - No more than 24 hours contact with vinegar
Stain resistance - No more than Planetary Magic with acetone and wipe graffiti